Flickr Facebook Page & #TwitterTuesday Blog Feature

My bird photo got featured on the Flickr Facebook Page as the primary photo for the link to the Portuguese #TwitterTuesday blog post! I’m not sure why the text is in Portuguese but it makes it even more awesome!  Too cool!

Here’s my photo:
A bird in the bush

And here’s a screenshot of the Flickr Facebook Page:

#TwitterTuesday: Birds


Holy moly! My photo got featured on the Flickr blog for ‪#‎TwitterTuesday‬ about birds. Its the second to last one. So awesome!

Originally posted on Flickr Blog:

We can be free, we can learn how to fly!

YellowstonePretty Bird

The Real Angry Bird, Kashmir, IndiaHup-2-3-4

Birdy Treats

20110605 20-13-54 Norwegen 376Seagull watching over its domains, San Francisco

Downy Woodpeckerbird


A bird in the bush

Mother & Chick Gentoos @ Jougla Point

#Birds are part of the beings who can tell what freedom really means. We can find them either looking at their surroundings analyzing what’s going on, seeking for some food in the city squares, getting for lent some nice and cozy church or, flying. There are no borders in their sky and they live happiness and smile with their beautiful and particular singing. Check out their wonderful colors and views printed in all your submissions.

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Photos from Ilias Katsouras, David Rius Serra, MelissaCamille, Chetan Karkhanis, Zak Jacobson, andrickthistlebottom, Sebastian Küpper, Andrés García, Le Monsieur de le Coin Bureau, Fabrizio Mariscal,

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