2010 Disneyland Fabulous 5K

So I was kind of excited to run this race since it got to wind through Disneyland and California Adventure. I was very disappointed. This race is not for runners who enjoy the competition. It is for people who like Disneyland regardless of running ability. There were over 4,000 participants and the course is not wide enough to fit everyone, therefore forcing you to walk parts of the course. Additionally, far too many walkers line up near the front and create even more traffic than necessary. The registration process and staging were horrible. Also, the medal that all finishers receive is just a piece of rubberized plastic. So cheap! (Update: Apparently, they ran out of medals so not everyone received one!) I am bummed but at least I know not to do this race again. Perhaps the half-marathon is better (but I’m not ready for that yet). $50 entry fee + $15 parking is not worth this race.

I did not get any official results from the Disneyland 5k. I am simply going off my time from my Nike+ iPhone app. My worst time yet but it is only due to the lack of chip timing and crappiness of the course. This will definitely not be in my list of races for next year. Now to find another run for September 2011…

So I got the photos from the race and I am still waiting on the results. I actually don’t think that results are posted for the 5K since it is more of a fun run rather than an actual race. We will see. Anyways, this was the best photo of the bunch as most were too scary to post.


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