Juggling fire by olmjohns
Juggling fire, a photo by olmjohns on Flickr.

So I had a week off of the shooting challenge because last week’s theme was “fireflies.”  Fireflies do not exist in the western half of the United States so I just passed on the challenge.  This week’s challenge was do-able: fire.  I went to the circus with my family on Saturday and was hoping to get some good shots.  Almost all my photos turned out too dark but this one ended up looking good.

The Challenge:
Take a photo of fire – fire as in a flame or flames – as the subject. Feel free to make it part of a setting (like a summer campfire with s’mores). Or not. Abstraction within the flames is fine, too.

My Comment:
Yesterday I went to the circus with my family. I haven’t been to the circus since I was a child so I was curious as to what it was still like. It is so very similar to what I remember yet so different… Anyways, to the challenge. I figured that fire would be involved in some of the acts so I knew I wanted to get my shot here. I ended up taking a shot with the jugglers juggling fire. I like how the entire circus is dark and is lit only by the torches. I left my shutter open a little long to catch the flame trails as they are tossed back and forth. I think they look like letters in some unknown language.


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