Fail by olmjohns
Fail, a photo by olmjohns on Flickr.

So I didn’t do last week’s challenge because it required photoshop (something I don’t have or know how to use) but I haven’t seen any posts with the submissions so maybe no one did it.  This week’s challenge was weird…

The Challenge:
Screw up when taking a photo so incredibly badly that you create something unique and worthy unto itself.

My Comment:
This was a bizarre shooting challenge for me. After trying to screw up photo after photo, I decided I would try and take a shot of something so that it ends up looking different. I ended up doing as many things wrong as I could think of. I shot directly at the sun with an over exposure and out of focus. I thought the palm tree and sun “asterisk” ended up looking like as good as a fail as I could get.


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