Modern Family

Matthew and Melinda Johnson, by James F. Danis
So I didn’t like how this challenge ended up by I still submitted it.  The background of ivy with the lawn in front just couldn’t be recreated like I wanted to.  Oh well.

The Challenge:
Recreate an old family photo (or any old photo in your personal collection). And yes, I’m totally ripping off Modern Family’s finale for this challenge, if you happened to catch it. Treehouse, wine and rabid dog optional.

My Comment:
When I read about this challenge, I immediately thought about my inspiration photo. When I called my sister and told her about the challenge, she indicated that she thought of the same photo. My parents have had this photo up in their house since 1985. I have always called it the “Hmph” photo since my sister and I look so uninterested in the photo. My uncle shot the original in 1985 at our old house in Huntington Beach, CA. Now we didn’t go to quite the same extreme as the “Modern Family” episode and sneak back into our old house, but we did try to match our clothing to the original – down to the jelly bracelets, barrette black socks and hiked up shorts.
This challenge was difficult for me in that I was part of the shot. Many people offered to take the photo but I felt that I needed to hit the button since this is my entry into the challenge. In the end, I am a little disappointed in the look of the photo as it has too hard to get a similar background.


This photo was featured on gizmodo’s site.  I was one of five entries so I made the main page.  I like to think I came in second place…
Here is a link to the website:


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