Macro ornamental strawberry by olmjohns
Macro ornamental strawberry, a photo by olmjohns on Flickr.

So I was hesitant to do this contest since I did not have any macro photography equipment.  I ended up purchasing some cheap accessories and took a lot of shots that look really good.  I chose this photo to enter because it is unique.
The Challenge:
Get super up close and personal with something tiny through macro photography.
My Comment:
So I went out and purchased some new equipment for this challenge.  I had not bought anything for my camera since I got it over a year ago and decided I could get something for this challenge so I wouldn’t have to eat a whole can of Pringles chips!  After reading all the tutorials on macro photography, I bought a set of extension tubes, a reversing ring and a shutter remote.  The reversing ring was the wrong size so I had to go with the extension tubes only.
This challenge turned out to be extremely difficult.  I originally intended to take a picture of a flower but shooting so close up outside was too hard.  The flowers kept moving and I couldn’t get anything in focus.  I took a lot of great photos that I really like and I ended up really enjoying macro photography.  I think I will continue to work on more photos in this area.
My submission is a shot of an ornamental strawberry that I picked from my backyard and brought inside to photograph.  Since I used the extension, tubes, I don’t know what many of the technical aspects are for the shot but I set the focal length to f/11 because I knew with the tubes I needed more light to get in to the lens to hit the sensor.
I think the strawberry ended up looking like a bunch of red ants on a ball.  Kind of crazy!
Thanks for the challenge.


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