Complementary Colors

Macro tomato (Tomato Sunrise)
Macro tomato, a photo by olmjohns on Flickr.

So I haven’t participated in the shooting challenge for the past two weeks due to lack of photoshop (and inspiration…) Here is my submission for this week’s “Complementary colors.” I think I should have submitted my other photo of a hibiscus Oh well…

The Challenge:
Capture a photo that celebrates complementary colors as their subject. In other words, capture a photo that’s predominantly orange/blue, red/green, purple/yellow, or really, any two colors that sit opposite one another on the color wheel (sometimes called the color circle).
Photoshop can tweak saturation and contrast, but all colors should be captured in-camera.

My Comment:
I haven’t been up for too much photo taking recently but I’m glad I got this one completed. I am actually pleased with how my shot came out. I was a little hesitant to submit it since it looks a little similar to the lead photo on the challenge page but I went with it anyway. It is a macro shot of an orange tomato from our garden in a blue bowl taken with my kit lens attached to some extension tubes. I think it looks like an alien sun with the little hairs sticking out of the tomato.


This photo was featured on Gizmodo’s website! I was part of the top 8 out of 74 submissions! Click the link to see the post on gizmodo’s site. I’m the last of the featured photos…


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