Black & White

Morton Bay Fig Trees by olmjohns
Morton Bay Fig Trees, a photo by olmjohns on Flickr.

I’m not too happy with this submission. In my mind, this photo was more interesting before I submitted it. Then I looked at it again and realized its a little boring. I probably should have submitted a different photo but oh well…

The Challenge:
…take a black and white photo. (It can—and maybe should—be converted to black and white in post production. More on that below).–white

My Comment:
I have recently started to shoot more often in black & white so this was a great challenge this week. Although you recommended to edit the photo, I chose to shoot directly in black & white. My shot is of a grove of Morton Bay Fig trees at our local botanic gardens. These trees are incredibly fascinating to me with the massive root systems undulating over the ground. I thought they looked even better in black & white.


One thought on “Black & White

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