A Year in Review

365/365 02/28/2012 Ring by olmjohns
365/365 02/28/2012 Ring, a photo by olmjohns on Flickr.

So I finally finished my One Object 365 366 Days photo project!  I can’t believe I made it an entire year (and a leap day!).  While many of my photos were unexciting, I do feel that I captured some great shots throughout the year.  It can be quite difficult to make a whole year’s worth of wedding ring photos stimulating.  I’m not sure what all this project did for me.  I guess I learned that I don’t like shooting with my iPhone nearly as much as my Canon DSLR camera.  When I started the project last March, I took many of the photos using an app for the iPhone, instagr.am.  I feel that Instagram helped me get excited about photography as it made a rather uninteresting photo into something appealing using the multitude of filters and special features within the app.
Over the course of the year, I strayed away from this type of shooting as I began to learn more about my camera and photography in general.  All of my photography now is done without any editing (aside from simple cropping).  I feel that editing software like Photoshop and even Instagram can defeat the purpose of artistic photography.  To be able to capture a photo with correct exposure, shutter speed, aperture, lens filters, etc., shows a good understanding of photography.  To take a bad photo and make it look good through editing, while amazing to do, shows very little as to any photographic skills, more so computer and editing skills.
So where does this leave me?  I certainly am not going to start another daily photo challenge.  At least not yet.  In fact, I told myself that I will not take a picture today (March 1st) so my consecutive shots will end.  I plan on continuing to take part in the weekly Gizmodo Shooting Challenge along with the monthly challenge at Competition Corner.  These contests have helped me learn many new photo techniques and skills over the past year.  Maybe now I will have time to try some new challenges or simply work on new photographic ideas.  Who knows?

Thanks for following my photography and hopefully I will continue to make better shots and maybe make some nice photos along the way.
You can see my entire 365 project here on my website, or at its dedicated site, One Object 365 Days or in my Flickr Photoset.
Thanks again!


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